Terms and Conditions

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Important Note:
You agreed to be bound to the following terms and conditions when you placed
your order with uspartysource:

1.  You are at least eighteen (18) years or age or older, and have
the authorization to charge the credit card you have specified.

2.  While we try to keep the website updated with regard to inventory,
it is impossible for us guarantee that every item we have is in
stock.  If you order an item that we do not have in stock, you
agree that we can substitute a like item of equal or greater value.

3.  You understand that all sales are final.  If
you refuse your order, or instruct the shipper to return your order,
you agree to pay actual shipping costs both ways, plus a fifteen
percent re-stocking fee.  In most cases, this will exceed the cost
of your original order.

4.  While all of the fireworks we sell are legal at the federal level,
they may not be legal in your State.  As such, you may need to acquire
a display permit to own and posess fireworks in your State.  Display
permits are available in most States through the office of the State
Fire Marshal.  You agree to accept responsibility for the fireworks
you purchase.  If your fireworks are confiscated by the authorities,
you agree to bear the full cost of that confiscation, including any
legal costs.  You will not be reimbursed by uspartysource if your
fireworks are confiscated.

5.  You agree to indemnify and hold harmless uspartysource from any and
all legal consequences arising from the purchase, shipment, storage
and/or use of fireworks and any other pyrotechnic materials.

6.  You have read and agree with the terms and conditions described in our
ordering policies, our shipping information, and the FAQ section of our
web site.

Thank you for buying fireworks from uspartysource!

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