Party supplies on Amazon

Party supplies on Amazon.

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How are sparklers made?

Ever wonder how are sparklers made?  Although generalized as fireworks because of their composition and behavior, are not regulated as such in the USA.  Sparklers fall into a category called novelties, and are one of very few firework type devices that can be safely used while held in the hand, and shipped through standard mail.

Sparklers have become very popular at weddings, graduations and birthday parties besides a staple item at Fourth of July celebrations.  In India, they consume more sparklers than than the entire USA does during a single religious celebration called Diwali.  India is second in manufacturing only to China.  Here DM828is a picture of cases of sparkles being produced and prepared for shipment from a factory in China.

Sparklers are available in various forms starting with their base, or stick.  The industry standard is and has been a thin rigid piece of metal wire.  Variations are few but include thin bamboo sticks which are viewed by some as safer as the bamboo burns away and your not left with a glowing hot metal wire in your hand.  According to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) sparklers burn at up to 2,000 degrees fahrenheit!

The thin rigid wires are cut to length and then dipped in a slurry, or composition of powdered metals, oxidizers and binders ranging from cornstarch to iron or titanium which commonly gives the “sparking” action we have come to love.  They are then hung on racks where they dry for days sometimes, depending on humidity and weather conditions.  Hunan, China is where the majority of the worlds sparkler production takes place and in the spring months of February through May it can rain for many days at a time slowing the process.  Next time you light that seemingly simple little sparkler, you’ll know a lot more about how it works and can share some information about how are sparklers made!




How do glow sticks work?

How do glow sticks work

Glow sticks! Glow Sticks  These multi color glowing goodies are a decades old tradition now at fairs, festivals, parties and are seen by the millions around the world during Halloween celebrations. They are used to illuminate trick or treaters as both a celebratory feature, and more importantly as a safety device to make them visible in the dark to oncoming traffic.   Also known as light sticks they are also used by divers, spelunkers or cave explorers, accident safety responders and emergency officials.

So what makes them glow?  It is a simple chemical reaction.  There are three components of a glow stick. There need to be two chemicals that interact to release energy and also a fluorescent dye to accept this energy and convert it into light. Although there is more than one recipe for a, a common commercial glow stick uses a solution of hydrogen peroxide that is kept separate from a solution of a phenyl oxalate ester together with a fluorescent dye. The color of the dye is what determines the resulting color of the stick when the chemical solutions are mixed. The basic premise of the reaction is that the reaction between the two chemicals releases enough energy to excite the electrons in the fluorescent dye. This causes the electrons to jump to a higher energy level and then fall back down and release light.

Most recently they are now being used in the medical field in the form of illuminated portable intubation tubes, so from toys to saving lives these have turned out to be a pretty serious invention originating 25 years ago!

Also, see this cool video explaining how they work! How do glow sticks work-video.

Glow Sticks

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Sky Lanterns .89 Cents!

These lanterns colored are fire retardant sky lanterns available in multi colors including red, blue, green sky lanterns coloredand white!  Light fuel and watch the balloon gracefully lift into sky.  Sky lanterns colored have become very popular at parties and festivals around the world.  Sky lanterns were made popular in India and China they are widely used for memorials, grand openings, weddings, birthdays and anytime fun!

The mutiple colors available makes these ideal for many events or anytime you want to show your patriotism.  Lanterns are made from flame retardant material.  Fly’s for several minutes.  Do not use in windy conditions or in dry drought type conditions, always use common sense or make sure to have sandwiches and water on hand in case you have to answer to some hungry firefighters!

Here is a link to the world record launch!  Thousands of Sky Lanterns Launched at once!

Sky Lanterns

Snap, Crackle, Pop, Snap Pops!

Snap Pops are a sure fire way to add life to a party.   Whether as kids covering the patio with them or Snap-Pops-4packlining them in the street and running over them with their bike they are one thing almost everyone can link back to their childhood.   uspartysource has several options for these fun items to help entertain for hours.

Snap Pops are packed in a plastic bag 4 pack with 50 pops per package making these a great bargain, order enough to last all summer!

Here is a funny video of kids riding their bike over them!
Snap pops Video

Snap Pops

Buy Sparklers Online

Sparklers are an age old celebratory pyrotechnic device used in almost ever country around the globe 14-Morning-Glory.jpgdating back thousands of years.  USpartysource has dozens of sparkler options available perfect for any event including weddings, birthday parties, graduations and holidays.  Add some sizzle to your next event with high quality sparklers at the best prices on the internet and have them delivered directly to your door from


Wedding Confetti Poppers

Add some flair to your exit from the church with our Wedding Confetti Poppers!  Environmentally safe and easy to use for all ages.  Beautifully packaged and an affordable addition to your special day.  Wedding Confetti Poppers can add that special touch to create photos and memories that last a lifetime.